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Endocrinology and Metabolism

Small animal respiratory metabolism monitoring system

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Detailed introduction

Application areas:

Mainly used in nutrition, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and other endocrine and metabolism-related diseases research, kinematics, physiology and other life science fields.

System composition introduction

Coulumbus Instruments)的综合的实验动物监测系统(CLAMS)是同类产品中的佼佼者。 Coulumbus Instruments' comprehensive laboratory animal monitoring system (CLAMS) is a leader in its class. CLAMS is a collection of subsystems, and the system can be combined as required. The system can perform open circuit calorie, activity, weight, feeding, drinking, food control, running wheel, urine collection, sleep, temperature, heart rate and other measurements under set conditions: Oxymax / CLAMS is a "one-step test solution test solution ", which can monitor and evaluate multiple parameters of 1 to 32 animals simultaneously.


1.Modular user-defined design to meet GLP experimental requirements
2. Continuous automatic operation for at least 3 days without restarting the system
3. Different feeders, suitable for some special needs
4. Food monitoring accuracy is 0.01 grams, and the threshold can be set
5. Urine frozen collection, monitoring urine volume changes at any time
6. Good scalability, body temperature and heart rate monitoring of animals, etc.

I. Evaluation of respiratory metabolic calorimetry

Oxymax 系统是全球领先的对实验动物进行开路间接卡路里测量的系统。 Columbus' Oxymax system is the world's leading system for open-circuit indirect calorie measurement in laboratory animals. The amount of heat generated is calculated by calculating the amount of oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange during metabolism. The relationship between the amount of gas consumed (oxygen) and the metabolite produced (carbon dioxide) reveals the energy content of the food used by experimental animals. This "heat value" is calculated from the amount of gas exchanged. Oxymax can optionally be fitted with a methane sensor for ruminant research. The revised formula can be used for caloric calculations.
1] VO2 = ViO2i-VoO2o

2] VCO2 = VoCO2o-ViC

3] RER = VCO2 / VO2

main feature:

:质量流量是一种直接测量流体的质量,而不是体积。 1. Mass flow measurement : Mass flow is a direct measurement of the mass of a fluid, not its volume. Unlike volume, it is affected by temperature and pressure; quality testing provides a constant and comparable test unit.

2. Metabolic cages meet the conditions of long-term residence: in accordance with the relevant international regulations.

3. Minimal gas residue: The sensitivity of the sensor can detect a change in gas composition of 0.001%. This accuracy requires small differences in gas exchange.

4. Simple operation: all connections and pipelines are minimized. The software includes instructions for calibration and setup. Data organization, formatting and output can be linked to common data reduction and review procedures. Hundreds of hours of user operation is the best test of how this product performs.

Second, food consumption measurement and evaluation


Oxymax / CLAMS can deliver food in three ways. Each method is suitable for a particular need.

1. Overhead Feeder: The most commonly used food delivery method, suitable for getting food on the head at will. Provides an animal familiar with food delivery and monitoring.

2. End-Side Feeder: Two concentric funnel-shaped containers eliminate the scattering of food. The whole feeder device is placed on a measurable device, which can keep the scattered food and measure the amount of food consumed by the animal.

3. Center Feeder: The center feeder is used to deliver food through a flat plate of a spring device. When the food is consumed, the tablet will lift the remaining food to a height so that the animal can continue to get food.

0.01克 Food consumption measurement: 0.01 g accuracy

:比较两次质量读数的差异就能测出食物的消耗量。 Feed detection and evaluation : Food consumption can be measured by comparing the difference in mass readings. -0.01g或-0.02ge,确证了进食和作为有效的事件将会被记录到日志文件中;如果此差异没有超过设定的阈值,则此事件将会从日志中除去,没有进餐记录。 The displayed difference exceeds the threshold set by the user, usually this threshold is -0.01g or -0.02ge, confirming that eating and being a valid event will be recorded in the log file; if the difference does not exceed the set threshold , This event will be removed from the log and no meals are recorded.


Measurement and evaluation of drinking water consumption


:提供两种液体消耗的监测机制: “舔”和“体积”。 Drinking water monitoring method : provides two mechanisms for monitoring fluid consumption: "lick" and "volume".

1. Lick monitoring: Lick detection is performed using the standard conductivity principle, a tiny or imperceptible current
Passed from the straw to the surface of the conductor by animals. Each contact with the straw produces a count. Oxymax / CLAMS records the interval between each test list.

2. Volume monitoring: Columbus's patented technology (Volumetric Drinking Monitor, VDM). The volume of liquid consumed is 20ul. Multiple VDM pipettes allow bias testing of animals or delivery of medicaments. Oxymax / CLAMS software allows the user to specify the straws of the metabolic cage and determine the fluid delivered in each tube. Using standard straws does not require training the animals to adapt to the only drinking environment. VDM can withstand sticky substances. This allows you to use this device to transfer liquid food.

Fourth, activity monitoring and evaluation


IR)光电池技术进行一维、二维和三维监测动物的活动。 Monitor animal activity in one, two, and three dimensions with infrared ( IR) photocell technology. The interruption of the infrared beam counts once. Place the IR photocell in the X or XY direction to cover a flat surface. These beam heights intersect perpendicular to the animal's active surface. An IR photocell can be placed above the animal to monitor the animal's standing or jumping (Z-axis). The system is available in X, XY, XZ or XYZ configurations.

:系统把活动数据根据两个时间间隔制成数据表格。 Activity evaluation : The system makes activity data into a data table based on two time intervals. The first interval occurs with the calorimetric measurement. This interval is longer, depending on the number of cages. The second interval is short and provides a high-resolution instantaneous measurement of animal behavior. 10-30 秒。 The typical recording time for this process is 10-30 seconds. High-resolution results can be generated from a second activity data table. The Oxymax / CLAMS table shows the total and walking counts of each axis. Oxymax / CLAMS activity monitor display window data, as well as a separate second high-resolution instantaneous data table.

V. Urine Collection Cryoassay Evaluation

:每个笼有一系列的子地板。 Urine collection : Each cage has a series of subfloors. Animals walk on perforated floors, allowing urine and feces to flow through. The sub-floor on the second floor provides a fine mesh moisture-proof surface that allows urine to flow through while retaining feces. Urine is collected through solid paraffin-coated pipes on both floors. Urine is then collected into a suitable glassware. The glass collector can also be removed during the experiment, and urine can be analyzed at any time without disturbing the animal or interrupting the experiment.

:除收集之外, Oxymax/CLAMS还可以对收集的尿液量进行监测。 Urine volume monitoring : In addition to collection, Oxymax / CLAMS can also monitor the amount of urine collected. In this system, the glass collector can be placed on a balance. Oxymaz / CLAMS can read the balance and report changes in urine volume.

:尿液监测部分 Oxymax/CLAMS提供备选的冷冻尿液装置。 Urine Freezing : Urine Monitoring Section Oxymax / CLAMS offers an optional frozen urine device. Urine glass collectors can be at low temperatures, typically +5 to -5 ° C. This design allows the experimenter to remove the urine collector during the experiment and analyze the urine at any time without disturbing the animal or interrupting the experiment.

Six, remote measurement and evaluation of physiological parameters

Oxymax/CLAMS 系统可以通过植入传感器监测体内温度和心率,适用于小鼠和大鼠。 Remote Sensing Detector: Oxymax / CLAMS system can monitor temperature and heart rate in vivo through implanted sensors, suitable for mice and rats.

15.5 x 6.5 mm , 1.1 克 Temperature sensor: 15.5 x 6.5 mm, 1.1 g

: 26 x 6.5mm , 1.5 克 Temperature and heart rate sensor : 26 x 6.5mm, 1.5 g

Seven, running wheel movement measurement and evaluation


Magnetic field to the sensor: can monitor the running state of the runner

100mm,33mm 宽度 Mouse size: 100mm diameter , 33mm width

直径 30cm 和35cm Rat size: 30cm and 35cm in diameter

Eighth, weight monitoring measurement evaluation

Oxymax / CLAMS can monitor your weight regularly. The accuracy is 0.1 grams.

This is done using a high-quality METTLER electronic balance. cubby-hole)提供给动物。 In this configuration, a cubby-hole with a hole made of translucent tubes is provided to animals. When animals enter the small room and settle, Oxymax / CLAMS can monitor and record the animal's weight.

Nine, animal cage temperature measurement and evaluation

Oxymax / CLAMS can provide a multi-channel thermometer to measure the temperature of animal cages with an accuracy of ± 0.1 ° C. "Iso-Thermex" Supported Thermocouple Probe Mounted on the Animal Cage Lid. The temperature test is recorded with his parameters and is part of the data sheet.

X. Environmental Monitoring Measurement Evaluation

The Room Sensor of the Oxymax / CLAMS system can detect multiple environmental parameters and store this information for later use. The room sensor can be operated as a stand-alone unit or connected to a computer (with Windows) as a peripheral device. Room sensors detect ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and light.

: Parameters measured by room sensor monitoring :
-30 到+85°C,±0.4 °C Temperature: -30 to + 85 ° C, ± 0.4 ° C
0到776mmHg,±3.9mmHg Atmospheric pressure: 0 to 776mmHg, ± 3.9mmHg
0 到100%,±2%RH Room relative humidity: 0 to 100%, ± 2% RH
# 1 Desiccant relative humidity: 0 to 100%, ± 2% RH
# 2 Desiccant relative humidity: 0 to 100%, ± 2% RH
0 到100%,±2%RH Desiccant-purified air relative humidity: 0 to 100%, ± 2% RH
/关 Room Illumination: Lighting On / Off

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