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Animal Behavior Research

Big mouse flat treadmill

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Detailed introduction

The small animal running platform is mainly used for training and metabolism research of mice, rats and other animals. Using it can make the training quantification more accurate. The small animal running platform is also a necessary experimental auxiliary equipment for animal physical fitness, endurance, sports injury, sports nutrition drugs, sports physiology and pathology, etc. Computer quantitative analysis is the development trend of animal sports physiological mechanism.

主要特点: The main features of the big mouse and treadmill treadmill :

1.   0.0-99.9 / 分钟,数字实时显示 Accurate control speed: 0.0-99.9 meters / minute, digital real-time display
2.   0.5 / 分钟,也能平稳运行 Smooth and smooth operation, even at speeds less than 0.5 m / min
3.   Independent control of each channel to avoid individual mouse traps caused by traditional integrated running belts
4.   -64mm x 380mm ;大鼠 -115cm x 660mm ;加长型 -152cm x 660mm Running belt size: mouse- 64mm x 380mm ; rat- 115cm x 660mm ; extended- 152cm x 660mm
5.   Independent hinged door for easy animal loading and unloading
6.   Independent waste collector for each channel
7.   Durable and durable running belt
8.   0-2.5mA ,每通道可独立控制 Adjustable electric shock stimulation: 0-2.5mA , each channel can be controlled independently
9.   Incentive and punitive dual stimulation, effectively shortening training time
10.   0-30° 角度调节范围,无级调节 Electric angle adjustment function (optional): 0-30 ° angle adjustment range, stepless adjustment


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mice were placed in an electric treadmill (IITC Life Science 800 Series Treadmill…

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