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Microdialysis sampling system

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Detailed introduction

(Microdialysis) 是一种从生物活体内进行动态微量生化取样的技术,具有活体连续取样、动态观察、定量分析、采样量小、组织损伤轻等特点。 Microdialysis sampling system (Microdialysis) is a dynamic microbiochemical sampling technology from living organisms. It has the characteristics of continuous sampling of living body, dynamic observation, quantitative analysis, small sampling volume, and light tissue damage. It is mainly composed of a microinjection pump, a sober mobile device, a microdialysis probe, and an automatic collector. This system has been used more and more widely in the fields of neuroscience and medical research. 微透析系统以其优良的质量,在业界享有很高的声誉。 CMA microdialysis system enjoys a high reputation in the industry for its excellent quality.

, 利用泵推送溶液至探针处 , 从而使组织内的目标物质通过半透膜扩散到探针内,以达到从组织内取出需要测量的低分子量物质 , 以便于进一步的分析。 The main principle of the microdialysis sampling system is to place a probe with a semi-permeable membrane in a specific tissue of an experimental animal, and use a pump to push the solution to the probe , so that the target substance in the tissue diffuses to the probe through the semi-permeable membrane. In order to remove the low molecular weight substances that need to be measured from the tissue for further analysis. , 为医学、药学、生命科学等领域的发展提供了崭新的技术。 This equipment can perform continuous perfusion experiments on anesthetized or awake animals , and provides new technologies for the development of medicine, pharmacy, life sciences and other fields.

/ 胆碱分析、自由基 / 氨基酸分析、各种组织生化 / 药物分析。 Applications: Psychopharmacology, neuropathology and cancer research, pharmacokinetics and toxicology, physiology and pharmacology, life amine analysis, acetylcholine / choline analysis, free radical / amino acid analysis, various tissue biochemical / drug analysis.

CMA 的研究团队已正式将微透析技术运用于临床上,包含重症病患的监护,病患内脏、器官移植,外在医学美容等,对人类疾病的研究治疗上,也有许多贡献。 At present , the research team of CMA has officially applied microdialysis technology in clinical practice, including the monitoring of critically ill patients, internal organs and transplantation of patients, external medical cosmetology, etc. It has also made many contributions to the research and treatment of human diseases.

First, the micro-injection pump, with micro-, pulse-free, "push", "pull" bidirectional ability, multi-channel flow rate control

CMA402 双通道微量注射泵 1. CMA402 dual channel micro syringe pump

是精巧 , 灵活 , 双通道 , 设计使用于低流速无脉冲 , 适合微透析或其它低流速实验 . 开始 / 停止能于各自注射针操作 . 流速方向也能简单个别设定成逆向 . 泵已经事先校正过适用于 1, 2.5 5 mL 注射针 , 流速在 CMA402 is compact , flexible , dual-channel , designed for low flow rate without pulses , suitable for microdialysis or other low flow rate experiments . Start / stop can be operated by the respective injection needles . The flow direction can also be individually set to the reverse direction . The pump has been preset Calibrated for 1, 2.5 or 5 mL needles with flow rates between

μ L/min 20uL/min 的范围 . 流速显示于 LED 屏幕上 . 快速冲提功能键 , 用于实验预备动作 , 快速灌流 , 充满管路 . 当与计算机连接 , CMA402 能更灵活的操控 . CAD 软件包含于其中 . 流速的预设和操控产生更多的变化 .CMA402 可当注射泵使用 , 控制开始和停止 , 流速的改变 , 再搭配 CMA142 分步收集器可于不同的时间收集 . 2 个注射针搭配 Micro T 使用 , 灌流期间能产生不同灌流液的浓度变化 . 2 种型号可供选择 , 其中包含配件组的让你工作时能安全的使用微透析探针 : 包含 2 个探针夹子 , 2 vail 架子 , 支架容易安装还有 Micro T. 也可选购无配件组的 . CAD 软件同时存在于 2 种型号中 . The range of 0.1 μ L / min and 20 uL / min . The flow rate is displayed on the LED screen . The quick- swipe function key is used for experimental preparations , rapid perfusion , and full pipeline . When connected to a computer , the CMA402 can be more flexibly controlled . The CAD software is included . The preset and control of the flow rate produce more changes. The CMA402 can be used as a syringe pump to control the start and stop , and the flow rate can be changed . It can be collected at different times with the CMA142 step collector . The injection needle is used with Micro T , which can produce different concentration changes of perfusate during perfusion . There are 2 models to choose from , including the accessory set , which allows you to use the microdialysis probe safely during work : includes 2 probe clips , 2 vail racks , easy to install bracket and Micro T. Also available without accessories . CAD software exists in 2 models at the same time .
CMA4004 四通道微量注射泵 2.CMA4004 four-channel microinjection pump
4 个相同规格的注射器,可搭载的注射器规格: 0.5 μ l-10ml Can be equipped with 4 syringes of the same specifications, can be equipped with syringe specifications: 0.5 μ l-10ml
0.54pl/min-11.70ml/min ,无脉冲,具有“推”,“拉”的双向能力 Flow rate range: 0.54pl / min-11.70ml / min , no pulse, with two-way capability of "push" and "pull"
LED 屏直观显示 High-resolution color LCD touch screen for easy operation, and the flow rate can be visually displayed through the LED screen

Second, the microdialysis probe

  Product name

Application area

Membrane characteristics and cut-off molecular weight

Film length

Membrane diameter

CMA / 7

Mouse brain

6KD Wet, 6KD

2mm 1 , 2mm


CMA / 11

/ 小鼠 Big / mouse

6KD Wet, 6KD



CMA / 12 Elite PAES

Rat brain

20KD Dry, 20KD



CMA / 12 PES

Uncle's brain

100KD ,大分子 Dry type, 100KD , macromolecule



CMA / 20 Elite PAES

Peripheral tissues and blood vessels

20KD Hose, dry 20KD



CMA / 20 PES

Peripheral tissues and blood vessels

100KD Hose, dry type 100KD



线性 CMA / 30 linear

Spinal cord and tumor

6KD Wet, 6KD



线性 PES CMA / 31 linear PES

Spinal cord and tumor

55KD Dry, 55KD




Third, the low temperature micro collector
CMA470 微量收集器 1.CMA470 trace collector

可同步收集 1- 4 个透析液 o Simultaneous collection of 1 to 4 dialysates

最低冷却温度 : +6 , 内建电子式冷却功能 , 不需外加任何冷却装置 o Minimum cooling temperature : +6 , built-in electronic cooling function , without any additional cooling device

最低收集体积 : 1 μ L o Minimum collection volume : 1 μL

收集样品数 : 64 (300 μ L ) 40 (2mL ) o Number of collected samples : 64 (300 μL bottles ) or 40 (2mL bottles )

宽屏幕液晶显示 4X20 字符 , RS232 USB 接口 o Wide screen LCD display 4X20 characters , RS232 and USB interface

、其他代替低温双通道微量收集器 2.Other alternative low temperature dual channel micro collectors

可同步收集 1- 2 个透析液 o Simultaneous collection of 1 to 2 dialysates

冷却温度 : +6 , 内建电子式冷却功能 , 不需外加任何冷却装置 o Cooling temperature : +6 , built-in electronic cooling function , without any additional cooling device

检品量 : 1 X 40 支或 2 X 20 , 40 (300 微升瓶 ) o Inspection quantity : 1 X 40 or 2 X 20 , a total of 40 (300 microliter bottles )

机器运行稳定,保持很低的故障率 o The machine runs stably and maintains a very low failure rate

4. Sober activity device
CMA120 清醒活动装置 1. CMA120 sober activity device
清醒动物活动系统可以对小型实验动物的不同部位(脑部,血液,心脏等组织)在其清醒状态下进行长时间的微透析采样实验。 CMA / 120 Awake Animal Activity System can perform long-term microdialysis sampling experiments on different parts of small experimental animals (brain, blood, heart and other tissues) in their awake state. It mainly includes: a bowl-shaped container, a balance arm, a swivel (consisting of stainless steel and quartz), and a conduit, which can withstand a certain pressure.
、五通转环 2 , five-way swivel
The five-way swivel is a five-channel awake mobile device with low dead volume and small rotation torque, suitable for large and mouse experiments. / 体液收集等等同步实验的要求。 It can meet the customer 's requirements for simultaneous experiments such as single-site, dual-site microdialysis, and multi-point perfusion / body fluid collection in the awake state of rats . The channels are treated with special materials to prevent effects on neurotransmitters or the drugs being observed. The five-channel rotator includes a balancing arm to minimize vertical pressure above the animal.

CMA130 体外固定支架 Five, CMA130 external fixation bracket
体外固定支架是用来储存 / 清洗探针以及在实验过程中做探针的体外回收率。 The CMA 130 in vitro fixation bracket is used to store / wash probes and to recover probes in vitro during the experiment. 体外固定支架里包括: 3 个固定 1.5ml Eppendorf 管的架子、三个探针夹子以及和立体定位仪相配套的连接杆。 The CMA 130 external fixation bracket includes: 3 racks for holding 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes, three probe clips, and connecting rods for stereo positioning.

CMA110 液体转换器 Six, CMA110 liquid converter
The liquid converter is used to manually switch between the three perfusion fluids in the microdialysis experiment without interrupting the experimental process, and no air bubbles enter the probe during the switching process to ensure the smooth running of the experiment.

CMA450 体温维持仪 Seven, CMA450 body temperature maintenance instrument
体温维持仪是用来调节麻醉状态下小动物的体温。 CMA 450 body temperature maintenance instrument is used to regulate the body temperature of small animals under anesthesia. +34 +43C °之间。 Can maintain the animal's body temperature between +34 and + 43C °. When the preset temperature is reached, the machine can automatically stop heating, and continue heating until the temperature decreases. 0.2 C °。 Temperature accuracy is ± 0.2 C °.

CMA600 微透析分析仪 Eight, CMA600 microdialysis analyzer
2ul 一下,分析时间越 1-2 分钟,所有控制、数据运算及结果分析全在计算机上。 Using enzyme reaction reagents and color principle, the analyzer is specially used for dialysate. It can detect glucose, lactate, pyruvate, glycerol, glutamate and urea. 2ul , the longer the analysis time is 1-2 minutes, all the control, data calculation and result analysis are all on the computer.

Nine, commonly used accessories for microdialysis
Syringes, syringe holders, microdialysis tubing, fittings, screws, collection bottles, etc.

. 在线自动注射器 (Bioway On-Line Inject) X. Bioway On-Line Inject
( 电化学、紫外光、荧光和质谱等侦测器 ), 可提 Microdialysis products can be injected directly into liquid chromatography
, 减少误差 , 或是充当液相色谱仪的手动注入器。 High analytical efficiency , reducing errors , or acting as a manual injector for liquid chromatography.

Microdialysis probe

Microdialysis probes are a key component in microdialysis sampling. The material and cut-off molecular weight of the microdialysis probe determine the size of the sample molecule that can be sampled. The size of the microdialysis probe determines its target area. Proper selection of microdialysis probes is critical to the success of experimental sampling.

CX-IX-0Y Brain Microdialysis Probe
Simple to use and easily snaps into the guide tube
Dialysis membrane material: cellulose (cellulose) 50KDa MWCO
Dialysis membrane inner / outer diameter: 200 / 220um
Inlet / outlet connection outer diameter: 0.63mm
Guide tube outer diameter: 0.5mm
It is recommended to use a vest to prevent the probe from being pulled out
Also available with PES and Hospal AN69 dialysis membrane


AZ-X-0Y Brain Microdialysis Probe
Stable and reliable connection with the guide tube through the nut
Dialysis membrane material: cellulose (cellulose) 50KDa MWCO
Dialysis membrane inner / outer diameter: 200 / 220um
Inlet / outlet connection outer diameter: 0.63mm
Guide tube outer diameter: 0.5mm
Size can be customized free of charge according to customer requirements


MI-AZ-X-0Y Brain Microdialysis Probe + Microinjection Tube
With micro-injection tube (outer diameter / inner diameter: 0.15 / 0.078mm)
Syringe outside the dialysis membrane
The end position of the syringe is specified by the user
Other structures are consistent with AZ-X-0Y probe
Guide tube outer diameter: 0.7mm


DZ-X-0Y Brain Microdialysis Probe (for mouse)
For direct implantation
The smallest and cheapest probe
More suitable for mice
Dialysis membrane material: cellulose (cellulose) 50KDa MWCO
Dialysis membrane inner / outer diameter: 200 / 220um
No need for a guide tube
Implanted with ATH-02


TP-X-0Y Flexible Concentric Microdialysis Probe
For blood vessels, gastrointestinal organs, outer skin tissue
Dialysis membrane material: cellulose (cellulose) 50KDa MWCO
Dialysis membrane inner / outer diameter: 200 / 220um
Elastic rod is Teflon
Elastic rod outer diameter: 0.6mm
Inlet / outlet connection outer diameter: 0.33mm (= 26G needle)
Inner layer 0.04mm fused silicon tube minimizes dead space


OP-X-0Y Linear Microdialysis Probe
Suitable for skin microdialysis
Needle-shaped at one end for easy implantation
Dialysis membrane material: cellulose (cellulose) 50KDa MWCO
Dialysis membrane inner / outer diameter: 200 / 220um
40um diameter platinum wire support dialysis membrane
Elastic tube is made of polyethylene
Elastic tube outer diameter 0.61mm
Inlet / outlet connection outer diameter: 0.33mm (= 26G needle)


Accessories for dialysis probes
During the dialysis probe implantation process, sometimes some accessories are needed for use. They play a role in guiding, positioning, and fixing.

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