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Euthanasia for vertebrates

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When the experiment is stopped or ended in the middle of the experiment, the experimenter should stand on the stand of the experimental animal and treat the animal with humane principles. In principle, the experimental animal should not be given any terror and pain, that is, be euthanized. Euthanasia refers to the death of experimental animals without feeling painful. The choice of euthanasia method for experimental animals depends on the type of animal and the research subject.

First, frogs

Metal probes are usually inserted into the foramen magnum to destroy the brain and spinal cord. Cover the frog with a wet cloth to expose the head, hold the frog with your left hand, and press the front end of the head with your index finger, and press the back with your thumb to make the head prone; the right hand probe is pierced vertically from the depression, piercing the skin and entering the occipital bone. hole. At this time, the probe tip is turned towards the head, and it goes deep into the cranial cavity, and then stirs to all sides to destroy the brain tissue. The probe was then inserted through the foramen magnum and turned towards the tail to penetrate the spinal canal to damage the spinal cord. Whether the brain and spinal cord are completely damaged can check whether the tension of the limb muscles of the animal has completely disappeared. After removing the probe, block the pinhole with a small dry cotton ball to prevent bleeding. During the operation, the poisonous gland secretion should be prevented from shooting into the experimenter's eyes. If injected, immediately flush eyes with saline.

Rats and mice

右手抓住鼠尾用力向后拉,同时左手拇指与食指用力向下按住鼠头。 1. Cervical dislocation method: Grasp the tail of the rat with your right hand and pull it back, while holding down the thumb with your thumb and index finger. The spinal cord and the spinal cord were severed, and the mouse died immediately.

用剪刀在鼠颈部将鼠头剪掉,鼠立即死亡。 2. Decapitation method: Use scissors to cut off the mouse's head on the mouse's neck, and the mouse will die immediately.

右手抓住鼠尾,提起,用力摔击其头部,鼠痉挛后立即死去。 3. Slamming method: Grasp the tail of the mouse with your right hand, lift it up, and slam the head firmly. The mouse dies immediately after spasms. Or hitting the rat's head with a wooden hammer can be fatal.

可采用鼠眼眶动脉和静脉急性大量失血方法使鼠立即死亡。 4. Acute massive hemorrhage method: Acute massive blood loss in the orbital artery and vein of the rat can be used to make the rat die immediately.

吸入一定量的一氧化碳、乙醚、氯仿等均可使动物致死。 5. Drug lethal method: Inhaling a certain amount of carbon monoxide, ether, chloroform, etc. can cause animals to death.

Dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs

向动物静脉内注入一定量的空气,使之发生栓塞而死。 1. Air embolization: Inject a certain amount of air into an animal's vein to cause embolism and die. After the air is injected into the vein, the air can be foamed with the blood in the right heart as the heart beats, and circulate throughout the body with the blood. If it enters the pulmonary artery, it can block its branches and enter the coronary arteries of the heart, causing coronary artery obstruction, severe blood circulation disorders, and the animal's death quickly. Generally rabbits, cats, etc. can be lethal by injecting 20 ~ 40ml of air into the vein. Each dog injects 80 ~ 150ml of air from the subcutaneous vein of the forelimb or hindlimb, which can cause death quickly.

先使动物轻度麻醉,如狗可按每公斤体重静脉注射硫喷妥钠20~30mg,动物即很快入睡。 2. Acute blood loss method: The animal is slightly anesthetized. If a dog can inject 20-30 mg of thiopental intravenously per kilogram of body weight, the animal will soon fall asleep. The femoral triangle area was exposed, and a sharp dog-knife was used to make a transverse incision of about 10 cm in the femoral triangle area. The femoral arteries and veins were completely cut off, and blood was immediately ejected. Use a piece of wet gauze to continuously wipe off the blood and blood clots around the femoral artery incision, and constantly flush the bleeding with tap water to keep the femoral artery incision open, and the animal can die in 3 to 5 minutes. With this method, the animals are very quiet and there is no damage to the organs. It is a better method to collect pathological section specimens for live killing.

If the blood is to be collected at the same time as the dog is sacrificed, the dog is fixed on the dog operating table after light anesthesia with thiopental sodium. Isolate the carotid artery, insert a thick plastic tube, lower the dog's head, open the arterial clamp, and let the arterial blood flow into the anticoagulant container, and keep shaking to prevent blood from clotting.

麻醉安乐死箱 是通过直接或间接的缺氧引起动物死亡的,它可以在各种场所使用,并可以不同 的速度使动物失去意识。 Carbon dioxide anesthesia euthanasia box causes animal death through direct or indirect hypoxia. It can be used in various places and can make animals lose consciousness at different speeds. (肌肉活动)消失之前丧失意识。 To achieve painless, painless death, loss of consciousness before movement (muscle activity) disappears. But the disappearance of movement is not the same as loss of consciousness and no pain. Therefore, drugs that can only cause muscle paralysis without desensitizing the animal cannot be treated as euthanasia alone. The carbon dioxide method may cause animals to produce sports activities after they lose consciousness, but these sports activities are just reflection activities and cannot be perceived by animals. Therefore it can be used independently as a method of euthanasia.

乙醚麻醉致死的方法更不可能,本身易燃易爆并且有很强的致癌性 ,对实验人员伤害更大。 The traditional methods of lethal decapitation, bloodletting and other animals are cruel, and it is easy to have a negative impact on the psychology of the experimenters. The method of death by ether anesthesia is more impossible. It is flammable and explosive and has strong carcinogenicity. The damage is greater. 安全性高,也能 有效减少实验动物的疼痛和痛苦 Carbon dioxide euthanasia is highly safe and can effectively reduce pain and suffering in laboratory animals .

     The system has a small size and a small footprint, which can effectively reduce the use of carbon dioxide, is easy to learn and use, and is simple to operate.


     麻醉安乐死方式更符合动物福利。 Carbon dioxide anesthesia euthanasia is more in line with animal welfare.

Various models are available, please contact us, we will recommend a more suitable solution for you :


Flow control range

Euthanasia box size


分钟 1-15L / minute

50 * 40 * 40cm


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分钟 1-10L / minute

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